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-About Us-

About the Business:
Sound Invasion DJ was established October 2010, starting out very small and DJ’in for a hobby at small events for family & Friends. Throughout the years as time has progressed I have seen the potential in something that I enjoyed doing, as I began to grow into my hobby providing more services throughout South Central Kentucky and growing as a business. I enjoy working with my clients during the process of planning for their event all the way up to that special day. Sound Invasion DJ is the hugest thing that has ever happened to me, I think about ways that I can better serve my clients and potential clients on a daily bases.
With the economy being the way it is, I know from a personal and business prospective how hard it is. I will always try to keep my prices affordable to the best I can, although it is very hard with the expense that climbs alone with a business growing. When I started Sound Invasion DJ, I had no idea it would cost so much to provide entertainment at an event, not counting the countless hours I spend in my office planning each and every event but not one day goes by that I regret ever starting.
I’m not going to lie, but sometimes events can be somewhat scary and be the most stressful thing you have ever done, you have no warning of who will show, how the crowd will act, or even how many people will be supportive of your special day. Our job at Sound Invasion DJ is to keep your guest happy. That’s why we offer song request throughout the night of your event. Our team at Sound Invasion DJ has learned how to read the crowd in response to what we play next at your event, It’s all about making the your guest happy, were here to entertain and impress your guest with our updated lighting in which is very important as well. Sound Invasion DJ believes in keeping updated with today’s technology and offering updated equipment.
Sound Invasion DJ has not only grown as a business but has also gained trust in many clients throughout South Central, Kentucky within the past 3 years. We take pride in making your night the most remember able night of your life. Sound Invasion DJ now services Northern, Tennessee and Southern, Indiana and all surrounding areas within 200 miles of Bowling Green, Kentucky.
 At Sound Invasion DJ we have over 60,000 Songs in our music library to offer you at your event and can download almost any song we need at any event! It’s very rare that we take a song request from a guest that we do not have or cannot find. Sound Invasion DJ is a huge fan of iTunes where we can find great quality in our songs, this does get a bit expensive but it’s all about our clients.

(Matt Cook) Glasgow/Barren County Christmas Parade 2011

Meet Your DJ: Matt Cook 
Owner: Sound Invasion DJ
ATTENTION: Important when booking a Mobile DJ

With any Mobile DJ Service you can expect to have some kind of break down rather its Electronic Failures, blown speakers, Fried Amplifiers etc. through out your career as a Mobile DJ.

Don't you think its important when booking a Mobile DJ for your event that they come prepared 

With Sound Invasion DJ we provide you with a piece of mind. Our Trailer is equipped with 2 of everything including 4 different sound systems. We put your mind at ease knowing if something was to fail on us for what ever reason during your event, the problem is solved within footsteps away. We always consider the Possibility, its unpredictable!

Team Member: Rachel Cook
Office Assistant/Assistant DJ
Sound Invasion DJ

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